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Did You Know?

Commtel has been providing Southern California companies, just like yours, with a full range of communications equipment and services for well over a quarter of a century.

We are authorized sales representatives for 97 percent of the Broadband Internet providers in the United States.  It doesn't cost you anymore to have us consult and assist you in making that very important business decision on who will supply your company with fast and reliable communications. 

With our years of experience and first hand knowledge of the providers, including what type of infrastructure is available in your area, you can be assured of obtaining the best solution for your budget.

Even before there was such a thing as Broadband Internet, we were installing the first generation of dial-up connectivity for our clients. 

We have been at the forefront of Information Technology since the beginning.  A few of us, myself included, had the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest computers in the mid 1970's while serving in the U. S. Air Force; The Univac1050-II Universal Automatic Computer, interfaced with modems for remote communication, was the state of the art in those days. 

Fast forward about 40 years to a new world of information technology and communications- We could hardly have guessed what was to become a new standard in technology, a new way of life.  Personal computers, the Internet, VoIP and cell phones are part of our daily lives.

That race to develop more reliable and faster communications equipment and infrastructure has not slowed. What was once science fiction is now science reality. Being able to talk to and actually see someone on the other side of the world using a small hand-held wireless device is now the new norm.  Can you imagine what we will have in another 10 years?

We were there to witness the age of the Solid State Electronic Computers, the grandfathers of the current technology, and we will continue to be a part in that race for more advanced and affordable communications solutions well into the future.
We work for you, not the provider.  Our loyalty is always with our customers
Authorized reseller for over 112 Broadband Internet Providers
There is no additional monthly charge to you for our service
The right solution at the best cost
We can come to your office and complete a survey of your needs
We will present all options that are available to you
In most cases, we will be your point of contact for the entirety of the contract
We can repair or upgrade your existing network, including the installation of an advanced WiFi system
Let us do the work so you can concentrate on growing your business
With no additional monthly charge to you, we can assist you in obtaining the very best and most cost effective Broadband Internet and/or Phone Line solution for your business.

With our vast knowledge of communications and years of experience in dealing with providers and of course understanding the available infrastructure in your specific area, you can be assured you will get the best solution for your budget.

Most clients mistakenly believe that they have only one or two choices, given the area,  NOT SO!   There are many very good providers that can deliver Broadband over several types of transmission technologies.

From start to finish, from consulting, assisting in the contract, making sure you are getting the right solution for your needs, and of course installation and continued support, we will be available to make certain everything is taken care of.  Put our years of knowledge to work for you.  Call us today: 800-303-0339

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