Do you have an office or maybe a large warehouse or manufacturing firm that eats up the cell phone signals so bad that you can't use them?

Not to worry.  We have the perfect cost-effective solution to the problem of low bars.

With SureCall, you can expect your cell phone to work whenever and wherever you need it.  Commtel Communications is an authorized Reseller and Installer.

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The iPECS eMG80 is a Hybrid meaning that it can support all technologies.

Whether you have Analog PSTN lines, T1/PRI, or the new SIP Trunks we can connect to any provider. 

This means you can have the benefits of the lower cost VoIP SIP Trunks with the traditional Digital phones, or mix digital with IP.
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Though most of the Legacy Digital phone systems are no longer being manufactured or supported, they are still very prevalent and popular throughout the greater Riverside area.

Commtel Communications understands that some business owners do not want to part with their legacy systems and that's OK with us.  We have been dealers for both Toshiba and Norstar so we know your system inside and out.  We still have our supply chain for parts and phone sets.

So, if you wish to keep using your existing Legacy system, we would be glad to assist you in maintaining them.

From small businesses looking for the flexibility and cost savings of SIP Trunks, to mid-sized businesses looking for a more stable platform, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans.  We can offer a solution that is ideally suited to your requirements.

A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line that utilizes a Broadband Internet connection for access, offering up to 40% savings over the traditional telephone lines.

Commtel has the right solution for you!
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For over 25 years, Commtel Communications has been Southern California's top choice to repair, upgrade or install a new business phone system and Data Network.  We understand that reliable communications equipment and infrastructure is a critical element to keeping your business operational. 

This is why we take the utmost care and consideration while engineering, implementing, and supporting your organization's Business Phone System and WiFi Network.

From design to installation and support, Commtel is truly your one-stop-shop.  We can provide every aspect of your communications.  As an ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider) we can provide your company with the most reliable and feature-rich SIP Trunks available. 

As a top reseller of the latest and greatest business telephone systems, we can provide the proper system to fit your organization's particular needs.  We have the knowledge and experience to take your company to the next level of business communications.
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Long-Range Cordless Phones
We have been interfacing super-powerful Long-Range Cordless Phones with business phone systems for decades. 

Whether you are using an Enterprise Digital system from the 1990's or a brand new IP system, we can provide your company with the necessary portable phone set for any environment.
Long-Range/Maximum Power
Secure Multi-Frequency Hopping
6 Hours Talk-Time battery
Up to 50 Hours Standby battery
Up to 12 Floors in a multi-story building
250,000 square foot Warehouse
3,000 Acre open area
Push-to-Talk Broadcast
Speakerphone capability
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Most business owners make an exhaustive search using the internet to find the right provider, that's great, one should learn who and what is available.  We take the process several steps further with our knowledge of infrastructure, problem areas, and trouble spots, and how many providers are actually serving the area in question.  All of these "inside" bits of information is what makes us an invaluable asset to your business.

All you need to do is make one call and we will advise you on the best solution that fits your needs.  We will handle the paperwork and the transfer of your infrastructure over to the new carrier. 

Having a strategic partnership with over 114 National and Local Broadband Internet providers coupled with our over 25 years of hands-on knowledge of your physical location's available infrastructure gives us unparalleled insight to offer the best solution for your location, application, and budget.
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No Extra Charges or Licensing fees for Trunks or Extensions
Commtel has been at the forefront of business telecommunications since 1991.  We Installed our first VoIP PBX system in 2004,  hard to believe that was over 14 years ago.

Times change, as does the equipment and technology. We take great care and work hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of communications so that we may continue to provide the very latest in business phone solutions to our clients.

We do this by maintaining a constant watch for more cost-effective solutions, new and better features and above all else superior quality.  Before we sell any system, we make darn sure that it would be something that we would be proud of.  A system that we could put our name behind.  After all, we haven't lasted all this time by selling inferior products....

In short, Commtel brings exceptional cost savings, productivity, and efficiency improvements while delivering power, performance, quality, and peace of mind through the minds of the most advanced telecom manufacturers in the world today.


Commtel Communications
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Commtel is authorized to sell, Install, repair and consult throughout Southern California in reference to the following products and services:  VoIP, VoIP PBX, Hosted VoIP, On-Premises IP PBX systems, SIP Trunks, Hosted VoIP, Legacy Phone Systems, such as Nortel, Norstar, Meridian. Included are Cell Phone Boosters, WiFi systems, Long-Range Cordless Phones, and Broadband Internet. In addition, Commtel Communications can assist you in obtaining the proper lease for your new Business Phone System.  We are a California company, servicing all of California, encompassing, but not limited to Riverside, Riverside County, CA.

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A Brief History of Communications for the City of Riverside, California

We believe that in order to fully understand the present and prepare for the future we must know our past

The area that was to become the City of Riverside was originally located within the boundaries of the County of San Diego. This was way back in the year 1850.  Then in 1851, the future city found itself within the boundaries of the county of Los Angeles. Then in 1853, the County of San Bernardino was formed, which included the land of the future City of Riverside.

In 1883 on October the 11th, the City of Riverside was incorporated and on May 2nd, 1893, the County of Riverside was formed, making the City of Riverside its county seat.

The first telephone and telegraph lines were installed beginning on March the 19th 1888 by the Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Company.  This company was given the right to erect and maintain a telephone network throughout the city of Riverside proper and some surrounding unincorporated communities.

On April 22, 1888, it was reported that the Riverside Electric Light Company allegedly laid a new power line a little too close to an existing telephone company wire.  When the current was turned on, an arc of electricity jumped onto the telephone company wire. This caused extensive damage to the telephone company exchange equipment.  It was reported that Mr. John A Lawrence of the phone company was not happy.

On April 9th, 1895, the Riverside Home Telephone and Telegraph Company was granted a 25-year lease to operate in the city of Riverside.

Circa 1905, the Riverside Sunset Telephone company was absorbed by the Riverside Home Telephone Company.

In 1916, the Railroad Commission got involved in a dispute between the Riverside Home Telephone Company and the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company.  The commission authorized a PT&T to purchase the Riverside Home Telephone Company. It also declared that the PT&T must provide a first-class telephone service for all automatic subscribers in the Riverside exchange and that it must be the same quality of service rendered to the manual subscribers.

This sale was a good thing.  You see, both of these competing phone companies installed and maintained their own networks and Central Offices. However, the problem was that they were not connected to each other and they both used a different company for long distance and those two long-distance companies did not connect to each other either.

If you think your 21st-century phone service could be better than it is, hold on....

So, if you wanted to call your Aunt Fanny who lived over on Victoria Avenue and you lived downtown on Market Street and your auntie was a Riverside Home Telephone and Telegraph customer but you had Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, you had a big problem.  Smoke signals or jumping on your horse for a face to face was the only solution to have a conversation.  Of course, you could use Western Union...Nah!

So, much to the delight of the fine people of Riverside, on November the 6th 1916, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company acquired the Riverside Home Telephone and Telegraph network, lock, stock and phone pole.  They subsequently combined the two networks and all was fine with the world, at least in Riverside.

On September 26th, 1957, the county entered into a contract with Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company for operation and maintenance of a teletype service to operate from the county sheriff's office in Riverside out to several local city agencies which included the City of Riverside.  This system would have been the access forerunner of the CLETS Data Interchange Switcher, which gave access to the DMV, CNI and NCIC databases. The CLETS system came on-line 13 years later in 1970.  That was a big deal...

Not too far into the future came the great equalizer-the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company of Nevada, a subsidiary of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) which would become the parent company for all of the Bell Systems, or baby Bells.

Eventually, Pacific Bell took over and while the branding has changed a few times over the years, it's still the same parent company: good 'ole AT&T.

In the early years, 1947 to be exact, the area code was 213. Then in 1951, everything south of Los Angeles to the Mexican Border and up to the North end of Mono County via the backside of the Sierra Nevada's was 714.  Then in 1992, the Riverside area code was changed to 909.  That lasted until July the 17th 2004 when the area code was finally changed to 951.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope that you found this brief glimpse of history highlighting the role of telephone and radio communications for the City of Riverside interesting.

Commtel Communications maintains an extensive library of technical history and events for the Southern California territory.  While this information is deemed to be accurate, it is by no means to be considered a scholarly reference.
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Ericsson iPECS LDP-9030D